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🏅Aakasha Featured in Forbes , HuffPost ,THEWHOot

"A designer from Sofia, Bulgaria, makes hoodie shields that zipper into place and “make you feel totally comfortable and secure while going out.”

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Now FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING to the U.S. for orders over 35$*

♥ All my orders ship EXPRESS only >> buy your piece today & have it within 1-3 days upon shipping ♥***All orders are shiped EXPRESS only***

From Mask Section you will have orders within 1-3 days upon ordering depending on your destination .

Full protection with zipped vent polycarbonate shield .
These are two items included in this special Set !
Shield with vent and oversized hood !

This hooded face shield Set will make you feel totally comfortable and secure whille going out for work , walk or have a trip ;)

Combined with a vent on top breathing is easy and fog will not bother you anymore !
No chance for touching your face ,nose or mouth accidentally.
You will be always in style and always trendy as usual despise of the changes we have been trough .

You can wear the hood as a fashion accessory over denim jacket ,leather jacket , sweater ,sweatshirt even over favorite t shirt ... basically as gas as your imagination allows :)

You can order separately masks or bandanas from Face Reusable Mask Section

* polycarbonate protective shield
* vent on the shield for ease breathing and anti fogging
* washable & reusable
* fits perfectly over masks, bandanas & glasses
* oversized zipper hood
* transparent face shield that can be zipped or unzipped to the hood allowing you to breath normally and enjoying talking ,walking or just laughing ...
* YKK zipper

Size : One size

Fabric :
Hood is made of 100% cotton terry

®ALL RIGHT RESERVED 7,797,332 || 1 221 225

Please Note: For safety reasons, our face masks and shields are ineligible for returns or exchanges.We make and ship them as soon as possible for our safety.

Fully Closed Hooded Face Shield , Hooded Face Shield, Anti Fog Vent Mask, Face

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